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Paradigm’s Mission is to Provide diverse and unique events! We Design all of our events with these 3 key Elements as a Priority Music • Culture • Atmosphere If you’re looking for something fun and different you’re in the right place!

Paradigm Radio

• Paradigm Radio is an affordable radio marketing solution that will introduce your music to new consumers.
• Paradigm Radio is the destination for independent recording artists to share their musical talents with local and national audiences.
• Hear your music played on the hottest stations around the nation! You pick the station and the market.
• The one thing artists need the most is extreme exposure at an affordable rate.
• We achieve this by broadcasting a unique 60-second preview of your hit song.
• Included in the on-air feature is the ability to drive the audience to various platforms where they can find more of the artist's music.
• Individual or multiple market packages are available!

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13 Features Monday-Friday 7pm-12pm

10 Features Monday-Friday 7pm-12pm
5 Features 6am-10am or 3pm-7pm

10 Features Monday-Friday 7pm-12pm
10 Features 6am-10am or 3pm-7pm